Two returning 70+ mill toons looking for a place to call home

I have 2 chars looking for a new home. Would prefer a Corp/alliance entrenched in their home. Last couple of corps I lived were nomadic and always being booted from their home. I like to collect ships and prefer many options to fly. Both my chars pvp and I can fly logi V. I enjoy gate camping, Sitting cloaked in bubbles, hunting targets and small gang pvp. I haven’t played in about a year but am getting that itch again. I rat to make isk but am interested in running group abysall sites. I”m PST USTZ and would prefer and active group of guys in this time zone. Looking forward to flying with you soon :slight_smile: Rhigor


I think DMSQD would be a solid fit for you. We’re part of Init and the Imperium giving you stable access to space to live in and tons of content on a small scale with Corp roams and blops as well as alliance level ops where we kill caps, rorqs and super regularly. All the good bits and none of the drama of a large Corp.

We’re all US based and play late night ustz quite often. Feel free to check us out. If you have any questions you can hit up any of our directors or recruiters.

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Hey @Rhigor_Mortis I think you’ll find we have what you want in a corp. As a member of the Bastion, a member of the Imperium we are quite entrenched in our home space. Its some of the safest out there allowing you to do whatever you feel to make your billions of ISK. We also have fleets going out almost 24/7 on both a large and small scale. Our corp is a mix of US and EU with plenty of fellow US pilots to fly alongside. If any of this sounds interesting to you feel free to join our public channel FREAS.Public or message me in game I will also leave our forum post and zkillboard below this so you can gather more information.

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Federation of Freedom Fighters is looking for more pilots to join us in Sov Nullsec. .

We offer:

-Daily PvP
-Competent FCs
-Great space for isk making rather it be Super Ratting or Rorq Mining
-SRP (Ship Refund/Replacement Program) for all fleet ships including Caps.
-Nice size ISK rewards for corp killboard scores monthly for Topkills & Top solo. (More to be added soon)
-Fleet ships available on corp contract and or handed out at fleet form ups.
-Discord and Team speak for Corp communications.
-Awesome ticker F-OFF
-We cover EU, early US, and late US TZs, with some ANZ.
-We do require an ESI check and voice comms interview.

You can join our in-game recruitment channel F-OFF NOW to speak to one of our recruiters or join our Discord.

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Anoken Empire is a new C5 WH PVP corp. We are looking for new members like you and we would love to chat!!! Come join our discord and talk with us. Anoken Empire is Recruiting! New High Class Wormhole PVP/PVE Corp!

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SteamWorks is a Small gang corporation which has a strong industrial backbone with an equally matched PvP Wing. We are members of SMA. We are a friendly bunch; primarily operating in late EU timezone, but have members from all TZs. We understand that Real Life come first.

Who are we looking for:

  • Seasoned/Newbie PvPers of all types. We have a corporation structure which allows us to REWARD YOU for Alliance related activities and fleets.
  • Members who are active and want to be part of a community much bigger than the corporation.
  • At least 5 mil SP and willing to PvP.

What can we offer you:

  • Experienced EVE players from all areas (Industry/PvP/Mining/Exploration)
  • Logistics from Null-Sec -><- Jita/Amarr
  • Core group of people to fly with and enjoy EvE.
  • A community that feels RL is first and EVE is a game.
  • Corp-led roams with experienced small gang FCs
    If you are interested in being part of our community, please join SteamWorks.Pub or Ozith Or Myself inGame or here.
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Hello there @Rhigor_Mortis !

Check out Definitely Not Cloaked LLC [WECU.]

We’re a USTZ/EUTZ corporation in the Imperium flying under The Initiative. We enjoy the smaller, tight-knit corp lifestyle, within a large, established and successful alliance, under the massive umbrella of The Imperium.

You meet our SP requirement, and mentality. We are a mostly mature (we still enjoy the lols), laid back yet competitive group focused on PVP, but with access to highly profitable and well-defended space.

Come chat with us or see our ad Definitely Not Cloaked LLC. is recruitng. [Nullsec/Sov]

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Negative Entropy. in Black Legion is a great place to be for USTZ PVP.

What we provide:

  • Highly experienced FCs (including the legendary Elo Knight)

  • Active and engaged corp leadership

  • Friendly and respectful members

  • More PVP than you can handle

  • Access to sov-null space for PVE on alts; other very high ISK/hour ways to make money for PVP ships/development

  • Alliance SRP for logi/tackle

What we expect:

  • Active & PVP oriented pilots

  • The ability to fly all of our doctrines well (At least Lvl 4 support skills for Retribution, Muninn, Legion, Scimitar)

  • A useful alt (e.g. dictor, blops hunter, captial alt) on separate account to main

  • The ability and willingness to train a capital alt (if you haven’t got one already)

We’re a mostly USTZ alliance and corp, but are active in AU/EUTZ on weekends. We’re based in Venal but are semi-nomadic with various stagings for content.

Come chat with us on our discord if you’re interested Discord

Checkout our forum post for more info

Checkout our zkill to see what we’re about

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Hello @Rhigor_Mortis and welcome back to the game we hate to love!

We are an active WH Corp/Alliance. We enjoy CONTENT. If you get a chance, come see who and what we are in space.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC -Jump to be Known

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check us out we are looking for good players

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Hey there! If you are interested in WH’s give the fine people at Phantom Operatives a shout! We’re super casual WH corp that farms C3’s and take advantage of whatever pvp oppurtunities bob provides us. We have a small but steady core of players, mostly USTZ, although we’d love to get some more EUTZ people. Anyway, I hope to seeya around! Please send me an in-game mail if your interested, or haunt the channel “Phantom-PUB”! Thanks and have a great day!

We usually make our isk running C3 anomalies and guarded data/relic sites, and are always ready to drop if we catch someone when we roll the hole. WH space is the best place to hunt people, thanks to the no local channel… And is a great place for the kind of small gang PVP that usually doesn’t end in capital escalation, which is real nice! Anyway, if you decide to join, like it says above send me an in game mail and I’ll get back with ya as soon as possible. Thanks and fly safe!

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Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

Who are we

★ Leadership which has been around Eve since beta
★ A leading PvP corp
★ Members with experience of many wars in Eve including some of the largest battles Eve has ever seen
★ Averaging 1000+ kills a month with 90%+ kill efficiency ratio
★ Tight-knit friendly community
★ Member of Initiative Mercenaries alliance based in the Fountain/Querious regions

Why us

★ No drama
★ Experienced and helpful members who enjoy PvP
★ Content rich. Frequent fleets with a variety of PvP styles
★ Experienced corp and alliance FCs
★ Great ISK making opportunities in our home regions

We offer

★ Content Rich Nullsec Regions
★ Alliance Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Corp Fleet Roams (free ships)
★ Massive Alliance Fleet Battles
★ Industrial support
★ A community focused on teamwork
★ Opportunities to be part of epic, game-changing battles
★ Great corp and alliance logistics to help you get what you want where you need it


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Mumble)
★ Discord
★ Some combat experience

In-game recruitment channel: Yamagata Syndicate
Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

Contacts: Nakito Kobara, Dawnbreaker Okaski or Alignat.

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