Uedama is a great place to be

It’s a 0.5. Chilling.
There’s always active people.
There’s a never ending stream of people moving through.
Miniluv has a market freeport there.
Local isn’t completely dead.

On my first day, three strangers convo’d me for various reasons …
… and I’ve only ganked one of them beforehand.

What’s your “great place to be” ?


Place without poor propaganda.


Derelik is a nice area, it’s quiet but when u do have a convo it’s usually interesting. Otherwise anywhr in lowsec, always a challenge someway or other.


My place to be is wherever I’m at.
I prefer not to stick to a single system if I can help it for too long.


I liked Teonusude (may not have spelt it right). It was also bustling with activity. Two ice belts. Plenty rock belts. Some Gankers. Two 0.5 systems next to it for moon belts. Some good wardecs were had. And FW lowsec just a stones throw away.

Man i may move back in.


I used to have a good time hanging out at the chatting room in Florapolis.

These days, when I’m not posting on these forums, I prefer to be in my room, looking out my window at the pond’s gentle waves, and the ducks swimming in it.


I got my places, not interested in chat. If I tell you where they are, then I’d have to kill you.

Nakugard is also one hell of a system, nestled between a level 4 SOE mission hub, and Hek, there’s always something fun going on there.


Still searching for my places. Eve is feeling like one endless grind to me at the moment.

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Nice try Solstice, fooling people into giving up their fav places. So you know where to look for them :+1: :smiling_imp: , but i am not giving up my spots.

Where is your great place to be indeed, ho ho ho. It will take more than this obvious attempt,
no you have to pay a locator agent to find me :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Kaaputenen, just helped destroy a criminal Thorax, and I get a lot of passing trade to shoot, perhaps you might want to head here and get shot at?

I don’t have any combat ready thrashers around …
… or a Tornado, for that matter …
… and I’d never get it there in one piece anyway.

But I’m subbed, so it’s only going to be a matter of time.

Grats on the Thorax. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the intel, was tempted to ruin their day, but I am enjoying Kaap.



i like amarr/mimie fw space , militia chat is good , people are cool , and you can make friends in amamake

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The first sign of the old age of a High Sec ganker is when they start to try gathering intel on easy targets to gank by asking “what is your favorite system.”

Whats your least favourite system?

Asking for a friend


dude you guys are so paranoid

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Haha gankers have become so desperate they need to ask people where to find people to gank. A tip of you suck so dang much at what you do maybe time to find a new job/hobby.

But yeah I will help you damn poor ganker´s out so you won´t feel that worthless. Here is the system I use to hang.

Auina is located 2 jumps away from Dodixie and mostly have around 15-40 players in local daily at least when I play. Also Auina has 2, 3 and 4. agent´s. And Auina is 1 jump away from Botane which has 17 asteroid belts. So all in all it´s a great system when your sick of null.

So there you have it but then again I quit playing and went back to a much better sci-fi game Freelancer which is 100 time more fun than eve. Found a nice crossfire server that still has allot of people playing.