Ugly Cormorant

The old Caldari Cormorant destroyer had a nice, mean look to it. The new version is so ugly I am embarrassed to fly it. Bring back the old version.

I personally like the new model of the Cormorant.

Besides, aren’t you a few months late to complain about it?


I like both the old and new, but to be honest… I prefer and miss the old.

You guys are nuts, the new one is much better than the old model.


Seriously, corm/flycatcher are sexy as hell now.

I miss the old crucifier hull. Malediction/'sader look stupid now.


You must be smoking something, the new design looks amazing.

I hated the old design, the Art designers have my vote on this ship. The animations are just amazing.


Amen, brother!

No that isnt ugly, you want to see ugly. The Burst, Scythe, or even the Bellicose. All three of those are hideous ships.

I love the Fleet Scythe and the Bellicose, but man they are ugly.

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