[UICHU] Uitra Isk Corp is no longer Recruiting

We are an older Corp that was considered dead, but I am bringing her back!
Recruitment is Closed
New players, old players, HighSec, LowSec, NullSec, WH, PvP, PvE, etc.
[UICHU] Uitra Isk Corp

Hey, so you guys are bringing your corp back? Or are you done lol

I’m the only one that plays anymore so I’ve quit the corp.

are you interested in joining a very active null sec alliance?
we’re really talented, lots of vets and lots of content

What times zones do you operate in? Currently I’m in South Korea GMT+9

we are mainly USTZ, all over the US and have a couple AUTZ guys
most of our fleets are later USTZ so it could be to your advantage maybe

I’m interested. Please tell me more about your corp. Fyi, Discord/L1quidSn4ke#9225

Closed at polite request of OP.