UKC Is Recruiting!

UK Corp Recruitment

UKC is one of eve’s oldest corps, and one of the founding members of Lokta Volterra , FATAL and -MH-

Now proud members of one of eve’s top null sec alliances: Goonswarm Federation.

UKC has a love for preparation, organization and the desire take part in every aspect of EVE and while maintaining an environment that all members can enjoy. We have an organized and transparent leadership structure and every member has a say in what the corp does. In fact, every member is apart of that structure in the form of several divisions within the corporation. This ensures that every member has a voice, and that we have the ability to cater to everyone’s needs.

We offer aspiring pod pilots:

• Corp and Alliance activities
Corp Funded Roams
• 24/7 PVP content
• 10 man gangs to 1000+ man fleets
• Huge amount of content to suit all players
• A great region to live in to make ISK.
• FC and combat training
• Exceptional logistic and industrial support
• Ship replacement program (Alliance + Corp) If you loose your ship, you make isk!
• Capital ship incentives : Discounted capital/Super capital ships and Free Capital ship programe
Monthly corp 1 v 1 tournement with fraction ship prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

What we look for in new recruits:

• Sp requirements are done on a case-by-case basis
• Reasonable level of PVP experience.
• A willingness to further the corp’s goals
• A good attitude and level of maturity
• Reasonable English
• Working mic and mumble client
• Willingness to regularly attend corp and alliance ops.

How do I apply?

Join “UK Corp - Public” in game. Follow the simple steps in the MOTD and a recruiter will get with you as soon as possible.

•Catch any member of the Corp Recruitment team if you have any questions:

Acid Granite
Basik Zero
Scarlet Wintersun

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