Um cant undock

i cant do any thing so thats fun

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Aw man they gave you Captain’s Quarters back!

Use command prompt >/opendoor, then go West, West, West, East, West, East, Up

Then buy a potion from Gandalf the Wizard

That’s what I’d do


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I would say update the driver of your video card but that screenshot shows in-station user interface. Check the ‘Brightness’ setting in ‘Display & Graphics’ tab of Esc menu, might be turned all the way down.

Also these options usually help clear out little annoying bugs, especially after downloading game patches:

‘Clear all cache files’ in Esc menu - ‘Reset settings’ tab.

Also ‘Verify integrity of all downloaded files and purge extra files’ in ‘Shared Cache’ menu - ‘E’ icon located top right corner of Launcher.

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