UN.CO is Recruiting, Join for PvP Today!

Unforeseen Consequences. is an English-speaking PvP Corp, our activity is mainly during EUtz but not exclusively

We are friendly and knowledgeable Vets who are motivated to fleet regularly, have fun together, that is how we Roll:

We Fly Caps, BattleShips, T3s, but always love a Dictor or Ceptor, all flavors of Support/Logi Pilots are welcome.

We use Wormholes and are always looking for a Fight.

We also accept newer players who like to make a difference, If you are also oriented towards Industry or Exploration, as long as you are willing to do your part when the Fights show.

We like to win but this is Eve so we try and keep it simple: Set goals, make a plan and deploy Ships, try again with a different take if that fails.

Based in Scalding Pass and Great Wildlands, we have easy access to multiple regions to look for PvP opportunities, that means Black Ops, Skirmishes, Fleet Fights, Sov Warfare and more when we have a minute and ISK to spare. there are Fights to be Had !!

We are looking for active pilots with PvP Experience, FCs and generally dangerous and resourceful people with the following profile:

-min. 10M SP.
-Isk independant.
-Able to fly some of our doctrines and/or support ships.
-use TS, Discord

We have secured some Sov Space to hang our name on the map, play the game as it is meant to be played and offer Isk-making opportunities for our pilots.

Visit our Youtube Page to assess our past Deeds, Our KillBoard for the present fire.

Contact Wun NgoWen or time 3290, maybe come ask questions on our Public Chan If you want to know if we can have Fun together: UN.CO Bar


Still recruiting, come and check us out

UN.CO recruits Friendly and capable pilots, if you are new and willing to learn please contact us too

UN.CO Bar in game

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We are looking to grow, if you are into Cap fights, Black Ops, Sov warfare, skirmish, Heavy Industry and Logistics, wormhole exploration, come check us out.

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Recruitment still open for Pilots who want to try out Null or experience PvP in its many forms. New-ish pilots and Industry types are welcome as long as you are a team player and aren’t afraid to PvP with us, we are chill Euro Dudes, come and check us out.

Join our in game channel UNCO.Bar for a chat to meet our bitter vets

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UNCO is recruiting!!

good fights going on. join the fun! =D

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Still Recruiting, we do Black Ops, Skirmishes and offer various type of PvP content,
Check us out we are a friendly bunch with loads of experience, new pilots who are motivated and can follow instructions are welcome

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Still have open recruitment. Join UN.CO Bar for a chat

Good fights to be had, if your looking for good pvp fun!