Un4seen Development SOV Null PVP USTZ

Un4seen Development is seeking new USTZ talent.
Currently Recruiting for:
⦁ PVP Pilots
⦁ Miners
⦁ Industrialists
⦁ PVE/Ratting

About the corp:
U4D Is in the Sev3rence alliance which owns and maintains several systems in the Providence Region. U4D is the premier PVP Corp of providence and at its core is a combat corp in a great alliance. But in between pvp, we make isk by various methods. We have daily PVP defense fleets/Roams, and a SRP (Ship Replacement Program) for combat fleets.
Optimal EVE Times: 23:00-04:00 (General US Time Zone)

Contact: Cj Allyn in game or reply to this post.
Our ESI Recruitment system is fast and easy.


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