Unbalanced Skills for new Caldari characters

I have several accounts and have recently created a new backup character in each race. I noticed that the beginning skills for all of them are basically identical with the differences being that of each races ships and turrets with the differences being similar and effectively the same when you take into account the difference in technology for each race. The exception to this was in the beginning skills for a Caldari character. I believe that the developers at CCP need to review this for the following reasons.

Amarr, Gallente, and Minmatar Armor, Shields, and Resource Processing Skills are as follows:

Armor: Hull Upgrades III & Mechanics III
Shields: Shield Management I, Shield Upgrades I, & Tactical Shield Manipulation I
Resource Processing: Mining III, Salvaging III

For Caldari characters the skills in those same areas are as follows:

Armor: Hull Upgrades II, Mechanics II
Shields: Shield Management II, Shield Upgrades II, Tactical Shield Management II
Resource Processing Mining III, Salvaging III

Caldari characters start with one level more on each of the starting shield skills but one level less on each of the armor skills, yet the resource processing skills are the same. The problem with this is that the Salvaging skill requires Mechanics III before Salvaging I can even be learned and the Caldari characters can’t even use their Salvaging III skill until they get Mechanics from level II to level III while all 3 of the other races can already use salvager modules. I just don’t understand the reason behind giving new Amarr, Gallente, and Minmatar characters exactly the same skills regardless of ancestry and education and making the Caldari characters slightly different in that regard. I also don’t understand why every character starts with exactly the same skills when people in the real world with different ancestry and education have vastly different skill sets. I used to be a DM back when the game dugeons and dragons was popular and that game gave rise to all the different role playing games of today. I believe that a character’s beginning skill set should be based on their ancestral and educational differences. That’s the complete basis for role-playing. It doesn’t change the fact that I love this game and it’s my favorite online game. But I brought this to light because there should be no differences in skill sets if it’s intended for all characters to start the game with the same skill set. But if there are differences with one race, then all races with different ancestral and educational differences should have different skills. Just my humble opinion.


Caldari are more shield and less armor based. Is the time difference between Mech II and Mech III really that much of a difference that you have to complain about it?

Another skill that you left out, which is required for Salvaging is Survey III

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You should do your own research before mentioning that I forgot something. Survey III is present for ALL new characters. And Caldari characters aren’t the only ones that have shield tank. You missed the whole point of my post. My post was about the fact that if one is going to be different, then there should be more diversity to begin with but that if 3 of the 4 factions start with entirely identical skills regardless of ancestry and education, then all should start identically. I mentioned it because things in this game are always being tweaked and modified for the sake of ‘game balance’ and I believe that it may have been a mistake that wasn’t caught or was overlooked because it does throw off game balance for new characters. Not because I personally had a problem with it. It was just something that I noticed. And I mentioned my own background in role playing games to show that I have experience in dealing with similar situations. Maybe you should stop responding in negative ways until you get all your facts straight.



And correcting this ‘imbalance’ takes what, one day, maybe two?

And again, you also missed the point of my post. My post was directed at the devs so they could deal with it as a minor fix in a future update. It was not something I was complaining about, but something I noticed. In the mean time I do what is necessary to ‘equalize’ a new Caldari character without complaint. I brought it to the attention of a GM who asked me to post it forum for the devs. So if your not a dev, then maybe you should avoid commenting on something when you don’t have all the facts and quit hassling someone who was just doing what a GM asked them to do.

It makes sense for Caldari to have greater focus on shield than armor. If anything should be changed it’s Minmatar. They are the only race where some combat ships are designed for shield and others for armor tank. The SP for Controlled Bursts - totally useless for projectile weapons - should be transferred to shield!

That said, most of my characters started with 50K SP - 400K SP, however distributed, is a big improvement!

and yet , there is the salvaging skill , trained to level 3 , in the character sheet . and while the skill requires mechanic 3 , the module only requires salvaging , which is already trained . so plz go actually try to fit and use one and let us know how it went :slight_smile:


  1. calm down, nobody was agressive, nor even “negative” except you, here.
  2. you want to talk to dev but don’t want players to answer. This is a forum, if players want to comment, they can
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