Uncommon Enerprise - Begin your Eve Journey!

Hey there!

We are Uncommon Enerprise and our aim is to provide YOU with everything you need to succeed. Joining Uncommon Enerprise means becoming better at what you like to do in this game. Nobody will force you to change your plan for Eve - if you become stronger, then we all become stronger!
As we want everyone that flies with us to succeed, we try and provide you with everything necessary to help you get started with your plan for Eve Online, whether that be ships, equipment or ISK!

We have experienced and new players in our corporation, so don’t be afraid to apply even if you are brand new. Whether you are a loner by nature and don’t want to talk on discord or a people’s person that is happy to have found a group of nice guys - everybody is welcome!

If you join us you can expect to partake in a variety of group activities:

  • Mission Running
  • Ice/Moon Mining Fleets
  • Small PVP Fleets
  • Exploration
  • Industry / Manufacturing…
    -enjoying a friendly banter atmosphere on Discord

Feel free to apply with a short message here, or ingame to Anlil Akiga.

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