Uncommon Enerprise - Begin your Journey!

Welcome to our advert! Since you’ve come this far, you might aswell continue right?
Uncommon Enerprise is a great place for any new capsuleer to start their journey among the start of New Eden, but even more experienced pilots who simply wish the relaxed life of high-sec, or the chaotic fun of nullsec are welcome to fly with us.

We have pilots who take part in just about everything EVE has to offer, from the simple life of mining, to the more stressful high-tier mission running, and not to exclude even close encounters in small gang PVP!

If you are looking for some one who can help guide you through your journey among the stars, or just a new taste of life, uncommon enerprise is the place for you.

Contact Mukka Kado, Stains Wolf, Riley MarieMcGee or Anlil Akiga ingame if you are interested!

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Interested but stuck at work

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