Unique Dialogue for Sansha / Localchat Popup messages

Sansha are supposed to be these mindless husks, somewhat similar to the Borg from Star Trek.
However their Dialogue is exactly the same as with any other faction (except rogue drones which communicate in binary).

To have the same copy text lines for blood raiders, Guristas, Serpentis, Angel Cartel and ultimately Sansha is very immersion breaking.

I would like to see Sansha having a unique dialogue to emphasize their traits.

For example :

General pop up message on the last spawn when running Hideaway Sites : “The Commander will have our heads!”
Can be replaced with something like : “Unity is strength. Sacrifice is necessary” to reflect their indoctrination and willingness to sacrifice themselfes for the greater Sansha Nation.

Just a suggestion to prop up the neglected Lore and Immersion of the game a little…

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There is a distinction between true citizens and true slaves
Plenty of people in Sansha still have ‘free will’, for a defined limit of free will of course

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