⚛ United Nexus Corporation wants you! - PVP/Indy corp in Winter Coalition


What are we:
United Nexus Corporation[UNTNC] is a fun group of people where RL comes first. We try our best at pvp, have good laughs, and when needed to, make isk to pew. We’re members of Fraternity. - main alliance of Winter Coalition. Focused in US/EU tzs.

We’re located in null, in a sov holding, pvp alliance.

What we offer:

  • Small and large scale pvp opportunity
  • Help, friendliness, experience
  • SRP for fleets when something goes wrong
  • Money making opportunities to support your pvp
  • A drama free, mature environment to enjoy EVE, only serious when we need to be

What we expect:

  • Participation in corp and alliance level ops
  • Willingness and ability to skill into current doctrines
  • Activity
  • Mic

Recruitment channel: UntNC Recruitment Lounge
Discord link: https://discord.gg/fEER7tT

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Still recruiting! Bumpy bump. Lots of content is going to come to our space!

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Still recruiting!

Looking especially for eutimezoners!

Beep boop. Totally automated message to bump post and reminder. We prefer >10 mil sp friendly people.

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We’re still recruiting!

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