Upcoming Changes to Drone Aggression

Sorry to disappoint you, but if you just watched your drones go around killing stuff, then you were never in command of them in the first place.

They chose what to target and what to kill on their own, and that’s not how a fleet commander manages their fleet members.

Give manual drone control a try, and you’ll get the real experience of commanding your personal mini fleet.

Eve is a video game ? Ookay.

No, Eve is a lifestyle, not some casual video game, and you’re a dishonest hypocrite if you claim otherwise.

Also often forgotten is that you need Drones skill to be at least Lvl III before you can even think about using them. It is one of the potential traps on the Career Agents - Ventures are the best ships for all the Industry and most of the Business missions, but it means a new player has to know to invest SP early into drones to be able to use the Ventures. (Yes, I know you could fit a gun to the Venture, but that then means halving the mining rate on missions where the mining is the key element).

I still mine with my Alpha characters when they need ore for local production, and have a fit that can tank HS belt rats 90% of the time, but too much inattention will still kill you - the only times I have lost Ventures has been bad luck with an urgent call of nature - and that is the only circumstance when I would ever AFK them.

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What the … :flushed: you’re really a god of Flea :man_facepalming:


Dont be insane.

Put together with your previous comments, you seem to be claiming playing (note: playing) EvE is on par with looking after your family over 2020.


Hi everyone,

A lot of healthy conversation surrounding the recent drone change is happening and we have been monitoring and discussing your feedback internally.

Our goal is to make PvE activities with drones a more attentive player experience that relies less on low or no attention gameplay moving forward, but the unintended impact on how the drone assist functions in certain scenarios is something we are not happy with. For this reason, we will be changing the drone behavior back to how it was before Tuesday’s patch in an upcoming deployment. We should have news for you on timing tomorrow.

We gathered a lot of valuable data and feedback from you and the CSM in the last couple of weeks on this matter and would like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us.

Fly safe! o7


your right… your mining content is so boring that I have to sit and stare at my ship to make sure some stupid rat doesnt pop it … thanks for making mining even more boring… soon the pvpers will realize that you need the industrialists to make the ships you keep losing… hopefully they will realize before all the miners say good bye… this was a completely stupid decision… 11 years later… time to unsub all the accounts…



See? Every now and then they listen to us.



Would be nice to have drones there for more than just Moral Support again :rofl:

OMG. How many bots players have decided not to log in so that you row back after just one day?
Well, crying helps after all.


Not all players using drones with their old aggression settings are bots. I can understand wanting to make it so that active players are rewarded while botters are hampered in their game play but this change impacted negatively on active players too.

Thank you for deciding to change it back.


I dont mind the Idea of drones not just auto aggroing everything in the site, belt, mission etc. What you guys should look into is how the old fighter mechanics worked where they player or the person who controls the assist had to actively aggress a target to get the drones to shoot it. I think this is a fine middle ground between combating AFK gameplay while not being overzealous with the APMs needed. Now yes there were people then that would abuse things like ECM Bursts but that isnt going to be an option everywhere and always lead to someone dying to friendlies.

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You point at several of the right things.

We knew there was further vectors for AFK abuse as you correctly identify, but there is perhaps other approaches/solutions to the problem. Which is where we arrive at for now with going back from this change and taking some more time.

Delegate control for the old style of fighters is one street for discussion that takes us down a different and interesting path for drones.


I get the no afk intention, but glad you are rolling back. It was poorly effecting qol. At least allow players to trigger the drones with weapons.

I think the idea that drones won’t auto-aggro is stupid tech wise when you think where the game is at lore wise… but wherever no afk stuff. Really should make ratting worth more if you are going to make it ‘harder’ or more attentive. It is mind numbingly boring as is. After about 2-3 sites I can’t even be bothered to adm in a war if it isn’t afk ratting.


they look down on pve players and care bears who are focused in producing ship and modules that they keep on losing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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not gonna lie, i like the idea of the drones being more player attentive. maybe have it to where every few minutes, the auto aggress stops, so players still have to be active. cause its kinda dumb that people can just afk it, then they arent actually playing the game


And all it took was a huge group of new / single account players threatening to quit, victory?

I mean the only other time CCP rolled back a change due to player demand was Blackout, so I guess this is a victory for protesting for the little guy.

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Seems like you had achieved your goal… sigh.

Well, whatever you end up as a replacement I hope comes soon. The problems with low attention/no attention game play aren’t going away.



I started playing in Jan or Feb this year. I specifically wanted to be a drone pilot because I have enjoyed tamers, beastlords, magicians, summoners, necromancers and so on in other MMOs.
I put about 5-6 months of skills in to drones first.
I’m still a long way from finishing Int, Mem plans.
I don’t have any other weapons systems that even has T2 open.
Not only would I have not put skills in to these new dumb-turret drones I quite possibly would not have felt attracted enough to Eve to try it.
People might not understand that, it’s not for me about pressing F on the 1 account I actively play, ol some seem to want to dismiss me as a liar trying to protect some krab-ratting empire in null or whatever it would be called.
But if a pet or companion or drone cannot be set to protect you or itself, it is no longer a companion, it is no longer a pet, it is no longer a drone.
Had I known I would have chosen differently.


No, they required actual player data to consider stuff.

The changes were already on Singularity for testing, but CCP has mentioned multiple times now that they don’t get enough data from players there.

Checking on EVE Offline, Singularity seems to have a daily average of 100 players, which is minuscle compared to the 20k average of Tranquility.

Pushing the update to Tranquility even after the backlash of the original thread might have been simply to collect more constructive data, and see if this change would suffice to address what they wanted to address.

It’s good to see that the DEVs actually want to make a more definite system instead of simply putting on another bandaid on the game and call it done before moving on to the next thing, but I hope this new system actually works on release. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I was still able to use my drones for the past few days. Still curious to see what they come up with.

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