Ur Servers Are Broke AGain

Mind fixing your servers yet? I mean all day affairs where the game is not playable is not really acceptable service from a service provider. Did you feed the hamsters lately?

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Yep, can confirm. The hamster is dead…again.

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yeap dead for me to

RIP Hamster

so damn dead

Ugh! You do ur chores, feed the family, lock them back up in the garage, make a brew, sit down to do stuff and things … red dots everywhere, “You have a totally worthless free gift! , please complete this 20 click process to get rid of it!” … DC’d again.

CCP , are you annoyed with me? Was it something I said? Do you want me to just go?

EDIT: Fekin DDOS again FFS

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Hamsters have joined the May day riots ! prepare for crash landing .

Client crashing last night and today , hopefully will be able to login soon .

UK here

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