(US) 63M SP Returning Pilot

Looking for new home. I enjoy pvp, pve, and industry. I’m pretty content with most fleet activities. Please send me a mail in game if you have an opportunity.

We are always recruiting :slight_smile:

Hotdropoclock™ [USRK] has returned! We are looking to add both combat and industrial focused pilots to come be a part of the foundation being laid down. Hotdropoclock™ is an active PvP oriented corp residing in Vale of The Silent as part of the great :panda_face: Fraternity Alliance.

What we can offer:
:skull_and_crossbones: PVP & PVE combat content
:cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette: Specialization in Black Ops
:family: Relaxed atmosphere with a RL comes first mentality
:100: Experienced leadership & FCs
:man_factory_worker: Industrial and moon mining operations w/buyback program
:truck: Jump freighter services
:green_book: Newbro training
:flying_saucer: Ship replacement program
:money_with_wings: Thriving Null Sec Market

3m+ skill points preferred
Omega is a must
Must use Discord and Mumble for comms

In game recruitment: U.S.R.K Recuitment
Or message Lynusvan Pelt [discord:Tedruxpin#2305] or Lordsory Ownage [discord:Top#4970] in the game [discord] if you have any questions.

Join Discord :Purgatory Gaming Community
Zkillboard: hotdropoclock Enterprises | Corporation | zKillboard

Hello !

Mentality : learning, taking outnumbered fights and having fun

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who lives in C5-C5 which gives great Small gang PvP and good ISK making opportunities. That said, we’re a PVP focused corporation which we use most of our time scanning or rolling for content.

We’re all US time zone, looking to grow up that time zone. We love to take fights, even if we are being outnumbered. We are a social group of people who play other games as well.

Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord link :

Heyo o7

My corp is a medium sized one living in Tenerifis apart of Warriors of Sol | Alliance | zKillboard. We have a good amount of industrial projects going as an alliance trying to provide plenty of content for our indy bros :smiley: we have an ice system along with plenty of juicy moons with no heavy requirements for CTAs n such.

We have all kinds of people in our alliance, we got EU people, eastern US, some aussies and 1 kiwi, but he’s shy so hardly comes out to play :smiley:

Hit me up ingame or in discord Arkis#0305

hi there m8

If you can consider a pvp orientated alliance that operates from Pochven please have a look at our latest recruitment banner below. There you can get an idea of what we do and whatnot

Or you can see our latest vid below

Hope to hear from you


he Golden Dawn is an AUTZ/USTZ C2 corp intent on shooting spaceships, and shooting spaceships first.

We are a small group of around 20 guys, but are super active whilst making sure to be laidback. A fight is won if it is fun-positive. We don’t care if you ■■■■ up the killboard as long as you had a good fight and learnt something.

What we hope you want:
⦿ C2 with c5/ns statics, great for content along with ratting opportunity
⦿ Active and mature players
⦿ Pathfinder, discord, SEAT (guess we’re tech nerds now)
⦿ Group that ACTIVELY searches for content, rather than complaining about a lack of it
⦿ Almost zero blues
⦿ Freedom to play however you want
⦿ Laidback atmosphere with your standard EVE Australian comms
⦿ PVE only as a means to an end - funding PVP

What we want:
⦾ Omega account 20m SP+
⦾ Experienced + PVP focused
⦾ Mic and english speaking. this one is non-negotiable
⦾ AU/UStz (if you have a bunch of EU buddies, we’ll happily take you in as a group. we’re active in early/late EU, just can’t guarantee deep EU action at the moment).
⦾ Full auth - SeAt all esi scopes
⦾ You look for content, rather than shying away from it. shooters active in the next hole? that’s a reason to undock your drake, not your higgs megathron.

Check out our recruitment video here:

Join our discord below or contact Jerry Hojbjerg (AU) or Skeat Gray (US) via in-game mail.

all this bla bla i dont prommes i deliver :stuck_out_tongue:

WE are a laid back corp located out in scalding pass join our discord and see if we are a fit for you REPZ

I would like to introduce you to War Eagle Fleet; a rapidly advancing name in New Eden growing and diversifying intensely. Having achieved #8 in PVP and darkening the front page ZKill, we are a group of mostly semi-intoxicated barn animals who defecate wherever we go so people know we’ve been there. Our corporation consists of approximately 340 toons across roughly 80 unique humans. Our FCs fly all TZs but are EU-based, while our other FC (it’s me) is USTZ and mostly gets lubed up before taking everyone to hamtown to die.

Not convinced yet? Let me introduce you to a pilot culture that is as super serious as it isn’t. War Eagle Fleet is all about erasing every pilot’s sincere frustration with CCP’s constant updates and restoring individual enjoyment of the game by being dirty pricks to each other in a really fun way. We also annoy the piss out of our alliance bros!

Seriously though, if you’re looking to get super serious, we’ve got a SIG for that. And if you’re looking to get silly and lose your ■■■■, well we’re a reliable source of killmails. Bottom line is you deffo shouldn’t not hit us up and see what we’re all about.

CEO Gideon Golgothus: BosToNPriEsT#6148

Look no futhur come join great group to fly with with a well established sov in a good area sent you a in game mail lets talk more.

Come Check Us Out!
Join “STA’IN REC” channel ingame to learn more or just to chat!

STA’IN - 10+ Years Stain NPC Nullsec Residents.
-Living in Stain NPC Space.
-New Player friendly with years of experience in Corp.
-Relaxed Atmosphere with Daily Activity.
-PVP and Indy focused.
-Space for you to explore and play the game the way you want to.
-PVP Training, Moon Mining, Faction/Officer Spawns, Intact Plate Relics, Burner Sansha Missions, Triple your earning potential.
-Access to SOV in Esoteria
-Bi-weekly Fleet attendance required (CTA’s).
-Mostly Older Players.
-Life first, community focused.
-Relaxed PVE, Local Blue Coalition.

I look Forward to speaking with you!!

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