[US/EU] Anunnaki Security Forces Now recruiting all players [EU/US] Time Zone! Come join us!

up again

if you’re looking for a good laugh and some fun come find us

are you looking for a corp and friends who you can rely on ? come join us

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are you in pvp killing stuf others worked hard for ? come fly with us.

are you more a high sec or a nullsec guy , wel luckly for you we have both

are you a brand new player or and old veteran returning? we can help you get started up and learn you through the basics

We are still open to recruiting new and or old players! Come check us out!

still looking

still more spots to fill

we got a bit of everything for everyone come join

up on the list we go

still open spots to fill

who’s joining still room

Still looking for pilots new and old. Apply today.

Is your tax rate really 100%?

nope was just a 1 day thing lol

still room for more

up again

still room common up peeps

up on the list again