[US/EU] Build a great community with us in the Everyshore Collective and Daer-El Industries!

Hi there! We live in Everyshore, and we want you to consider joining us! We are a US/EU based group invested in growing our established industrial efforts, and fledgling incursion enterprises. If you can press F1, come join us! We try to keep a balanced range of activities going each week from PVP roams to mining ops to anything else you can think of. We are building a great community, and we’d love for you to come build it with us :slight_smile:

We offer several incursion runs each week (Evening EU Time), and either a moon mining, pvp roam, or another random op each weekend!

Come talk with one of our recruiters on our alliance discord at: The Everyshore Collective or apply directly at https://everyshoretools.com


Happy Incursion Fleet

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