[US-TZ] Konora Raiders - New Player Friendly Small Gang PVP!

Konora Raiders

We are a new corp currently focused in Minmatar High/Low sec space looking to leave our mark in the story of the Minmatar people. True to our Thukker background, we have not yet fully committed to a specific region or play style but we currently have been active in the Minmatar faction warfare region with our industrial quarters located in Sinq Lason. Faction Warfare participation is optional

We are currently looking for a few members to form a tight knit group prior to committing to a certain area in space or play style.

We Offer:

  • SRP
  • Buyback
  • Guidance for new players
  • Drama-free environment
  • Blops and Small gang PVP experience

We Require:

  • Mature Attitude
  • Discord Access

Join our Discord or look us up in-game “Konora Raiders”

Recruiters - Big Daddii


Still open for recruitment!

We remain open for business

FW action is booming. Join now!

Highly recommended! This guy is plain and simple a great guy :slight_smile:

Miss you @Big_daddii :heart:

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We’ve been blowing up ships but mostly our own but we don’t have to talk about that. Let’s Goooo

One of our new-bro’s got his first solo kill today. Elite-PvP

Join our discord for any questions or concerns

Low sec is booming! come join the fun!

We had an epic capital fight yesterday. I myself joined late but the fight was still had! Come get some kills and loot the field!

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