US TZ Null Sov Corp wants YOU! Ironblood Squadron -EIS3N- Is Recruiting!

Ironblood Squadron -EIS3N- Is looking to expand its member base! We are a part of a sov null alliance and primarily focus around PvP. Whether you like to PvP, run sites, mine, or build your empire, we can help you on your way to greatness! What we offer:

  • Experienced FCs, with the ability to show you how to PvP.

*Active PvP, Fleets every day, including everything from HD fleets, roams, and coalition fleet ops.

  • Mining ops via alliance, access to nullsec resources, Corp and alliance buyback programs
  • Industrial backbone, ship SRP contracts and a market inclusive to the area
  • Secured comms
  • A fun alliance and many friendly like minded individual, such as yourself.
  • Here’s our alliance killboard, we know what we are doing

So lets be real, 2020 has sucked something fierce. You owe it to yourself to be around people that want to bring poetic justice to EvE. So come on down to Ironblood Squadron. Be a wingman to your fellow squadies and have a blast. We include ALL and have no restrictions as far as who can join. All we require is you be active and be willing to learn. Join BloodHub in game or message Radiant Crixx if you decide you like what you see. See you in space, friends!

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