[US TZ] Sheriff. - Small Gang PVP Excellence in Faction Warfare

TLDR: We’re a US TZ pvp corp who are hell bent on being an effective and versatile small gang unit. We fight for the Caldari Militia.

Ideal Pilots

  • You’re looking for micro gang pvp content where both your skills and voice matter with the people you fly with.
  • You’re tired of nullsec or WH life and seek a different type of pvp content.
  • You want to fly and learn from experienced combat pilots


image We fly in small gangs of 3-10 pilots
image Active comms 4-5 nights a week
image Live on the frontlines so you only need to go 1 jump for a fight. Currently based in Sujarento.

image Our top killers are competent pilots who are happy to help the lesser experienced
image Wingman culture - We’re not against soloing but believe you engage and kill more when you fly with a wingman or two. This will also prevent you from getting blobbed :slight_smile:


  • Have some combat experience, even if it’s not great (we can teach greatness)
  • Have Discord/Comms and willing to fly others rather than just be a hermit and fly solo

How to apply

Simultaneously fill out our brief Online Form here AND authorize through our Authentication System. More details on the form.

KB: Sheriff. | Corporation | zKillboard

Additional questions? Join our discord

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Too many FW PVP corps stick in tiny ship mode. That’s not us. We’re experienced pilots who aren’t afraid of shipping up in bigger stuff just to punch up. I’m looking for people who share the same mentality.

Recent Battlereports:

Finished in top 30 for most kills in Caldari for January!

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We’re on target to finish top in the 20 top in Caldari for most kills and ever so close to top 10 for February. Bump!

Great fleet last night Deen. I thought for sure that FI Stabber was going to slip away, but it turned into a nice kill. Thanks for putting that together!


Battlereport for 2/26/23:

A coalition of Caldari Militia alliances including UCSC and I-RED formed up to assist TISHU in helping to bring down a Gallente Citadel in Nagamanen.

  • Calmil called for Navy Drakes with Scimitar support while TISHU had Cyclone Fleets.
  • The Network, the defending party, formed up in armor BCs and BSs with possible Snuff support as backup.
  • And Sedition, another Galmil alliance, also came to the party in Cyclone Fleets

The fight lasted a good 30 minutes as we switched back and forth between the structure and fighting off the hostiles. The fight continued into Hasmijaala as we fought off Sedition CFIs in an even exchange of ships before standing down.

With the citadel down, this allows the eastern front of Calmil to continue the offensive in Naga and flip the system in hopefully the next couple of days. If we can flip the system, this moves the frontline over to Deven/Fliet as we inch just a bit closer to the onslaught in Galmil HQ, Heydielies and Fliet.

Naga was an important system because it was 1 of 2 FOBs consisting of Southern Galmil’s Defensive Moat Strategy with the other being Oinasaken.

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FacWar veterans, contribute immensely to the war!

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GalMil decided to cap an open. They believed that, in the short time available, it would be impossible for us to muster a fleet capable of destroying them. But when a Sheriff FC steps up and rally’s the combined forces of UCSC, CALSF and Ishuk-Raata, great things happen! Related Kills | Deven | 2023-03-05 03:00 | zKillboard

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Blackrise is a massive cloud of dust. This view is from Essence, where it shrouds the Lonetrek Nebula beyond.

loving the corp !


Some great fights and good action.

Sheriff. More than just Faction Warfare.

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