[USTZ] Are you a Misfit Toy? Come to the Island of Null Sec Misfits and join the corporation Snuggly!

Well… We are Mostly Snuggly…

Are you looking for a long term home in Null Sec? A place you can come back to after any length of abscence? A place to learn new skills as well as hone years old skills? Or even a place to learn as a new bro and expand your knowledge in this wonderously adventuerous (and mostly annoying) game that we love? Come join the corp of misfits called Mostly Snuggly!

Mostly Snuggly is friendly to people from all walks of life and the internet, and offers many great benefits such as:

  • Corp Buy Back at competitive prices! Using a simple Discord command you can find out exactly how much your dank loot will fetch!
  • A solid, protected, and lucrative area to relearn or learn the game in whatever manner you enjoy!
  • Mining activities including Anomaly Mining, Belt Mining, Ice Mining, Moon Mining, and Gas Mining (both in and out of wormholes)!
  • Industry Production from top to bottom including detailed lists of the most needed PI products, Tech 1 production, T2 Production, Capital Production, and eve Super Capital Production!
  • Extensive opportunity to profit from Scanning and Exploration close to home!
  • PvP activites including small gang PvP, Capital PvP, and Quick Response Fleets to protect your money making space!
  • An opportunity to fly Alliance level operations with hundreds of capsuleers just like you!
  • Decades of experience from trusted and knowledgable corp member who are ALWAYS willing to pass along the knowledge they have gain over the years!

Some members may even teach you the Spreadsheet Foo that makes money making so much simplier in our favorite overly complicated game!

Make sure you choose the right Null Sec Corp that offers all you need for when the EvE end game comes creeping.
Be Snuggly and always know that EvE fun is only a trip to Corp Comms away!

*Message “Blindmoose” or “Orange Lucifer” in game or join the public in-game channel “Mostly Snuggly Pub” for more information on joining.
Minimum 10m Skill Points requirement
You may also join our Discord and chat with us in our public lounge at https://discord.gg/CArAwsU

Recruiter for [SNGLY] Mostly Snuggly





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