[USTZ + AUTZ] BobVult! C2-C2/LS; Be a Mysterious LS Pirate/Wormholer!

BobVult!!! C2-C2/LS; Be a Mysterious LS Pirate/Wormholer!!!

Low Class WH

“Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior BOB???”

BobVult!!! [BOB V] is the corporation for players of any experience (newbies to bittervets) and commitment level (on monthly to hardcore) located in all time zones (US, EU, AU) demanding the best culture and PVP from a group in wormhole space.

Living in a C2-C2/LS wormhole guarantees that we have a 3J connection to Jita and rollable, new connection to LowSec on demand! If you are already PVPing in LowSec, stop being familiar on undock to the same people every day! Be mysterious, jump out of a wormhole into LowSec and be someone’s worst, unknown nightmare!!!


*ACTIVE and DRAMA FREE PVP community in wormhole space with “members first” culture

*You find the content, we get the kills, you keep the loot

*NO TAX Industrial + Jita Price Buyback; No need to haul anything!

*Corporate Tools Available: Discord, Pathfinder, Integrations w/ ChatGPT/Python

*IRL HOBBIES: 3D Printing/Scanning, Blacksmithing, Farming, Firearms, Gardening, Hardware Programming, Software Programming, Woodworking, etc


*FC Says You CAN Bring Your Drake! Run C2 Sites for 100mISK/hr

*UNLIMITED Gas, Data, Relic sites scanned and run daily with complete SAFETY (240mISK/hr)

*T1 Roams of any and all ship hulls flown weekly to gain experience with the group

*Mentors, training and free ships available to all new members; we can assist with your EVE Online Vision!


*LS Static for BLOPSing and daily PVP roams

*WH Rage Rolling for content

*C5 Farmhole for best ISK/Risk income available in EVE Online (1B+ ISK per hour)

Let’s be honest, my time is precious and so is yours, when I get off work, I want to login to EVE Online and play the game with people as if I were a part of the local community in town. Consider this as the last corporation you will ever join because of our personal friendships we will develop!

For more details join our…

In-game recruitment channel: “BobVult!!! Recruitment”

Public Discord recruitment channel: BobVult!!! Recruitment

Zkillboard: BobVult | Corporation | zKillboard


Hey all recruitment is still open! Keen to see some pilots join our discord!

Hey all recruitment is still open! Keen to see some pilots join our discord!

Come join an amazing bunch of pilots from around the world and help us recycle other players expensive ships.

Notable kills in the last week.

  • 1bil Loki
  • 790mil Nergal
  • 520mil Hulk

We also regularly jump into public fleets with Bombers Bar and Spectre fleet, where things like this go bang.
Rorqual - Rorqual | Vlada Chuprova | Killmail | zKillboard
Hel - Hel | Sun ephone | Killmail | zKillboard

Hey All,

Picked up a few more members lately, always looking for more.

Our home is continually growing and being fit out so almost any activity for isk making is available to our members.

We are building out our doctrines and need more pilots for our roams and covert ops.

Fly Safe O7

Monday morning Bump Fest.

Clear those Sunday hangovers by helping us deliver munitions directly into the hulls of NPCs and Players.

We don’t discriminate with our targets. All provide ISK and goodies for our corpies.

Bump because there is no such thing as too many Aussies in a wormhole corp.

We also love our EU and USTZ friends just as much.

It is hump day in the land down under, so here is a bump.

Successful gas huffing op overnight netted members 800mil isk in less than 2 hours. Come make money and kill mails with us.

Bump - Been a hot minute. Have had plenty of new recruits join.

Definitely looking to expand our EUTZ member list along with AUTZ.

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