USTZ - Friendly Riot, your perfect introduction to wormhole space

Welcome to the Friendly Riot recruitment post! We’re a business-casual corporation that doesn’t take itself TOO seriously but also is actually trying to do what it takes to win fights and kill stuff living out of a 4-4/5. We are active across the spread of US time zones.

The kind of corporation we are:

  • We’re newly moved into a 4-4/5 and we milk it for everything its worth, meaning frequent rage-rolling of either static in the hopes of finding like-minded pvp groups and succulent marauder targets to gank.

  • We’re a relatively small corporation so those looking for a more social experience will find what they’re looking for. Your contributions here will be felt and appreciated greatly.

  • You’ll find an experienced core of players eager to teach for those that aren’t quite so sure about the ins and outs of wormhole space.

  • .FRAY stands for an excitement to play the game in an inclusive environment: viewing each new day with a smile and hands eagerly grasping for more; seeing an opportunity and throttling it mortally for every bit of value; cultivating genuine gratitude for every soft target!

The kind of people we’re looking for:

  • Those with an appreciation for our social guidelines

  • We are especially eager for friends who are new or returning to the game and looking for direction, or a judgment-free place to flourish among experienced pilots and newbros alike.

  • If you’ve ever thought mid-handshake that you could grasp harder and turn it into a grapple, I want you in Friendly Riot.

I am thankful because I have many friends, and they would kill for me. Be one of them!

If this sounds like fun, you can reach out to us via our Discord or through our ingame chat “Friendly Riot Public”

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still recruiting :slight_smile:

still recruiting :slight_smile:

still recruiting goobers and friends!

looking for friends to frag with :slight_smile:

looking for silly goobers to join us

the sillier the goober the better

more gamers are welcome

bloodthirsty gamers wanted!

looking for cuties in corp!

the bloodthirstier the better

still looking :slight_smile:

looking for certified gamers

looking for gamers :slight_smile:

still recruiting!


Still recruiting!