USTZ Null Sec Corp 13th Company Wulfen Recruiting

We are looking for people who are willing to work as a team to accomplish a set of goals. Currently focused on PvP but have interest else where to help with content and fun. . . Our Corp is the NA TZ. We are more than happy to help any Rookies as well as provide a great environment and experiences for Veterans.

Alphas Welcome!

~What we are looking for?
● Active Players
● Teamspeak/Discord Required
● Willing to work as a team
● Full API Required upon joining w/ No Expire

~We are Focused on
● NS Operations, and WH diving
● PvP, Small Gang, and Alliance Warfare
● PvE, Industry Research, and Manufacturing

~What we have to offer
● Boosts
● TS Server, Discord Server
● Regular Roams
● 100% Indy Ship SRP
● Experienced Leadership, and no risk to assets

~Please Contact Keithstone en Chalune, Alkain higwind, or Kurt Kainen for more information or join our public recruitment channel 13th Recruitment. Lastly we are a part of the null sec Alliance Manifesto located in the wicked creek region.


All CO2 Refugees welcome :smiley:

Guys lots of pew to be had and who doesn’t like pew?

Need more peeps for all this sov :smiley:




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