[USTZ] PVP Corp with no SOV - We are here to shoot pixels or die trying

We are here to shoot pixels or die trying.

☼ US Timezone
☼ Discord
☼ Fleet + Solo PVP with No Doctrine requirements - fly what you want to fly
☼ Fleet + Solo PVE doing Missions + Combat Sites + Exploration + Deadspace
☼ 1% tax to cover offices
☼ No Politics
☼ No Drama

Cup Cake Surprise is a PVP corp that focuses on Kitchen Sink Roams and running fleet ops to make isk.

We are new and looking for pilots who want to live in NPC Null Sec and want good fights and good isk.

We dont care what you do ingame and are just here to enjoy it.

Click here to join our Recruitment Chat: Cup Cake Surprise - EVE

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