[VAPOR 2.0] Out of the Blue. - Independent Sov Holding 0.0 Non Bloc Alliance [EU/US]


Out of the Blue [VAPOR] An independent sov holding alliance has rebooted and is recruiting like minded chill corporations! We are interested in PVP minded active corporations who are looking to be fully independent and non-bloc aligned!

  • Expect little to no Blues.
  • Expect nightly content - Small Gang, Blops, Roams, Industry, Crabbing
  • We offer our members SRP, cap subsidy. and Buybacks among other things.

Interested Corporations can reach out by contacting one of the following;

Rots Mijnwerker (Discord: Rotsmijnwerker)
Kylie Danielle (Discord: goombah)
JoeyScirocco (Discord: joeyscirocco)


hey EVE forums! names’ Larrett,

I am a proud FC for VAPOR and a Director in one of VAPORs newbie corps, Social Infrastructure.

my time with VAPOR has been amazing, so much fun to be had and so much to do, it never stops with these guys :smiley:

come join us, we would love to have your company!!!


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