Out of the Blue. - [VAPOR] - Seeking New Corps

Out of the Blue. [VAPOR] is looking for prospective corporations to join in the content!

VAPOR is a PVP-centric community formed to fight against the status quo of Nullsec politics currently living in the region of Paragon Soul. Our goal is to enjoy a game not dominated by TIDI warfare and partake in day-to-day small and mid-scale content while learning in a lax environment.

This ethos allows many of our newer members to learn different roles in fleets while allowing our veteran members, with histories in bloc level warfare and large TIDI engagements, to help create an independent, 0.0 sov holding, mercenary contractible, industry rich, and content-generating core PVP community that teaches and cultivates the next generation of eve capsuleers. VAPOR is incredibly interested in corporations who share this same ethos. Are you prepared to take this plunge?

Whether there be alliance ops, small gang roams, black op fleets, or yeet fleets, our alliance is constantly and consistently providing content to our members. We are looking for corporations in the EU, US and AU TZs who want to grow and expand their content horizons by treading on what some call an impossible path. What we want to achieve is not easy, however, what is hardest is generally worth it…

What we offer our member corporations:

· Nullsec isk generation.

· Countless Solo and Group PvP opportunities.

· Corp, individual moon program.

· Resources for training line members and FC training for the future content creators of eve.

· Alliance & Corp Logistics

· Alliance SRP

· Transparency and representation in our alliance.

· Experienced and active alliance leadership.

· Mercenary Contract Work as negotiated

If you would like to learn more about our alliance and how you can get involved, please drop us a line and feel free to reach out through our recruitment channel “VAPOR PUBLIC”

You can also reach out to me personally through Discord: Justin Starr STARR#8251




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Contact me via Discord. Ruggles#7648

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Justin Starr STARR#8251


We are still looking for more corps to join us in the shenanigans.

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Looking for corps that want something more then the Blue Doughnut

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