Version 19.10 - Known Issues

Good day,

A new monthly update (Version 19.10) begins today. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks a million!

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  • Voiceover audio from animated conversations will overlap when changing window modes with Alt + Enter keyboard shortcut.
  • Changing ship skins while warping will restart the warp sound effect.
  • During certain situations, such as large fleets, audio can get stuck for the user.


  • NPCs in Abyssal Deadspace that are intended to be partially damaged, are currently spawning with fully charged shields


  • Missing buy orders at NPC stations for AEGIS Databases.
  • AEGIS Database are in incorrect Market Group.

Missions & NPCs:

  • AEGIS Secure Transfer Facilities and the AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges are unavailable

When you open the Redeeming queue and just want to trash what’s in there, thanks to the change that no items are preselected anymore, you now have to select them all first and then play lottery whether you hit the trash button or missed it by a single pixel, which then deselects all items again, and you have to select them all – or whatever selection of items you chose – again. It would be so nice if CCP would finally give this trash button (which has a hitbox that matches the outline of the bin exactly) the same huge button hitbox that all other buttons in EVE have.



Hello, everyone,

Please be advised that the AEGIS Secure Transfer Facilities and the AEGIS Secure Capital Construction Forges are currently unavailable. They will be added in one of the future deployments, and we will communicate once we know more about the release date.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for any confusion caused.

Yo, I got an issue - how one is supposed to thrash through a Wormhole drone site in an exploration frigate? :thinking:

This was reported by multiple people as long ago as 2.5 weeks. How did it make it to TQ? Why do you even have bug report feature in the first place? This bug makes some abyssal rooms unsurvivable.


I also can’t find any AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility. Searched almost 20 systems so far in lowsec.

I thought that I brought this up to you a few weeks ago and others did bug report that on SISI several times over the past 3 weeks or so. Why did this still made it to TQ? This bug makes a lot of rooms very difficult. For example the Scyllas that now take ages to kill, or Drekavac/Leshaks now also take much longer, especially in Gammas.
I am a bit dissapointed that something that gets reported on SISI several times makes it to TQ and now ppl end up losing ships because they either cant kill these rats fast enought or cant tank them long enought.


Not a fan of the new wrap noise, it contains this headache inducing high pitched sound to me.

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Is there an AEGIS Capital Ship Security Facility site coming out? I scanned for an hour and nothing came out.

None are available at the moment

Thanks for the warning, saved me time.

The Pochven sites are described in the devblog as requiring scanning, but the sites themselves reportedly do not. I am going to try to test this for myself, but would like clarification.

I’d be curious to learn more about the Pochven sites. Specifically, if I can do them in a T2 Cov Ops frigate- of if they need something a little more hefty.

I just did it in a Magnate. Stole it from another Magnate too.

edit: to add

It seems pretty clearly not as intended as sites are not scanned down but rather is listed as Type: “Celestial Beacon” and Name: “Celestial Beacon” in the overview. This seems incorrect.

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That’s awesome that there’s content that can be done in such a cheap ship. Do you recall about how much each site was worth?

Estimates at 17 mil, but that estimate I think is crashing to a few million thanks to these sites. You get a single unit of one of the new parts that were added to places like ghost sites and reactions and such that are now required for Capital ship production.

Youve still not fixed Escalations, have you?? Someone from CCP posted itd be fixed “next week”, but that was 3 weeks ago.

When in astero and switch ships to Porpous wont let you use but one booster in highs, got to go to into pod and re - enter ship for it to correct its self.

Every time I log in, my launcher’s ‘Remember Me’ setting is clicked.

So then the next time I am taken right to the game. ie. no security.

So log in is now; name, password, and unclick the remember me box.