Viable fit for solo Wh gank?

Some clarifications before: i’m looking for targets of opportunity, explorers, daytrippers, miners and so on. My idea, on a alt account while printing isks in abyss, is to just lurk and wait. I came up with this, and i’thank in advance for any replies.
[Legion, Legion]
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Mjolnir Fury Light Missile
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, Sisters Combat Scanner Probe

True Sansha Warp Scrambler
True Sansha Stasis Webifier
Core B-Type 100MN Afterburner

Damage Control II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Dark Blood Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Dark Blood Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Corpum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I

Legion Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
Legion Offensive - Assault Optimization
Legion Propulsion - Wake Limiter
Legion Core - Augmented Antimatter Reactor

Valkyrie II x5
Warrior II x5
Infiltrator II x5
Vespa EC-600 x5
Acolyte II x5

I’d say you want 3 things if you are solo hunting small stuff in WHs

1 - fast lock time.
2 - stab denial
3 - the ability to gtfo

1 and 2 are essential because most of the small stuff guys know they are potential victims and are either fitted for agility or stabbed to the teeth. The problem with most T3Cs (though you can fit for fast lock) in that situation is that they are way to slow achieving a lock. You need to deal with the decloak recalibration delay, then the locking time delay. I can easily be 15 to 20 seconds in total when a properly fitted “bail explo” astero will have a sub 2 seconds align time and even dumb explorers will have a 4-5 secs align time. The stabbed explorers and miners will usually have 4 effective stabs at most which means that for those you need a scram+faction scram or they will bail.

3 - the ability to gtfo… quite a few of those small things will have a (or several) baby sitters. Actually the whole point of exploration may be to trigger a trap instead of grabbing the loot If there is no one to be trapped, well the loot is the consolation prize.

With that in mind…

T3C not ideal for hunting smallish stuff in most fits, including that one.
Blingy T3Cs are gross overkill if you are solo. You will die to two guys if they choose to engage you.

Your highs: great to OK.

Your mids:

  • blinged scrambler: OK, maybe one standard more one for catching stabbed guys.
  • web: what for? most small stuff you grab will die in a few seconds and in the very unlikely event they burn away you’ll keep them in scramble range if you are properly aligned before you turn the AB on.
  • AB: OKish as GTFO option if baby sitters show up.

Your lows:

  • either too much tank/too blingy or too little tank anyway. Standard tank will do on small stuff but your somewhat blingy tank won’t work against a PVP fitted baby-sitter.

Chance Ravinne (Wingspan) is an infamous WH ganker. Maybe you can check out his fits (he sticks with the Stratios). edit: or check out the fits that the corp uses.

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For smaller targets I use a targeting stabilized pacifier with 2 faction scrams. It’s a little squishy but I’ve caught 2 ventures at the same time multiple times.

Wingspan is fun. They have good fitting advice, good propaganda, and entertaining videos. But solo WH PVP isn’t their thing. In most of their solo videos, if you check the killboard surrounding their kills, you’ll see that the kill was “solo” because the babysitters did not have to intervene, but they were around.

That’s not meant as criticism. I also have “solo” kills where I had backup just in case. Or kills that could have been “solo” where I waited for a friend and vice versa. Just a realistic assessment. Some “solo” kills benefit greatly from passive eyes on entrance for example. Naive explorers/miners are rare these days.


^ Interesting. I’ve only seen maybe 5-6 of their videos on youtube so thought they were good at solo, lol.

Wouldn’t say they are bad either. Rather, the definition of “solo” is very fluid in Eve, especially in WHs :). Always useful to have them tagged with an orange standing if you start diving in WHs from HS. You’ll very often notice they have a pilot hanging in local (eyes).

TY for ur repiles, since i like that fit, i’ll reverse-engineer my inital post, and… what can i do with that legion in your opinions?
As always, ty in advance for any (more) replies

Use a proteus

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It’s not as fun as it seems in the videos, trust me you will waste alot of isk and fall asleep trying to find someone. It takes hours upon hours to find a viable target, even then just to kill a frigste…you would also be lucky to not get dropped. Try FW instead.

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