[video] An unusual friend

So, EvE is a game where players make their own stories, whether its huge alliances fighting amazing wars or people that can change stuff around with patience and determination.

So I decided to test my luck and share one piece of my experience.

It is nothing special compared to the big wars and huge changes people make, it’s just me and a very… Unusual friend I got for one day.

I am by no means an expert in video editing, still learning as time goes as well as inspiration to press on, so do not expect the video, like the others in my channel, to be that good looking like many, Many talented editors around here.

This unusual friend reminded me, from my experience, that true friends are hard to come by, and how easily other friends can just discard you for not having a good laugh, having a tiny argument, not having a drink, not giving anything. You might agree, you might disagree, I fully understand that, not everybody has a hard run in life and not everybody has a good interaction with society.

Thank you for your time o7


And this is EVE! Simple bug made epic story. People leave EVE because they stopped doing things like this, stopped playing sandbox and make own content. Just started complaining about CCP. This is why EVE is start to collapse.

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Well, what can I say, some people love salmon, others hate its guts, and most people do not accept change as well as others, so whenever they dislike something… They will make sure they are heard :sweat: Kinda reminds me of the bittervets from vanilla WoW.

Nothing is perfect, give CCP some slack, they have an amazing customer service and they are doing their best to continue making the game we all know and love. They also work hard to give out free content, this is by far one of the few games I know that has so many major updates and they were all free.

Nice storytelling!


I guess CCP has been fiddling with the code and created a few bugs.

Wonder if “Jeff” would take damage from smartbombs, or if he really is just a ghost.

When I warped out he just stood there due to the bug, he would not attack or anything, I could still target him, but I went against attacking Jeff. Because feels.

Could still bump as demonstrated, he shifted around on approach, ever since that day I did not find Jeff, or any other Gurista that wanted to be a friend :cry:

Jeff has returned to say Hi to me! In a brand new ship and everything :slight_smile:


Made me smile, nice vid :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :smiley:

This happened to me once, the picture had very bad quality tho.

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Wonderful storytelling mate!

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I can kinda see it, the rat just chilling there!

@Atet Cheers m8!

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