Vincit-Qui-Patitur Recruiting!

Welcome to Vincit-Qui-Patitur or He conquers who endures.
Corporation Details
Supports Mining/Industry
Ticker: VQP
Corporate Tax Rate: 1%
New Player Friendly.
Start-Up Corp so no fancy stuff yet we are brand new, join if you enjoy corp building!


  1. No Friendly Fire
  2. No War Declarations without Authorisation
  3. Be Civil, No Racism/Sexism/Ableism/Homophobia or any persecution of sexual deviancy.
  4. No Political Discussion
  5. No Religious Discussion
  6. Do not attack allies
    Discord Available- Recruitment Channel: VQP-Recruitment
    If this sounds good PM me(Incictus Victoria) if I am online or apply directly!

DISCLAIMER: We are especially looking for individuals who have a high corporation skill to boost our membership capability!

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