Violator the Clown (USTZ) Low sec , Wh space

Violator The Clown is a collection of USTZ veteran players that value good fights, self-improvement, and skill. Come join us in lowsec!

Our main focuses are:
Small gang/nano pvp
BLOPs drops
Lowsec wars

We offer organized weekly fleets and profitable lowsec pve opportunities!

Demonstrated strong interest and enthusiasm for PVP
Economically self-sufficent. Wormhole ratting and lowsec PVE are both available.

To join or for more information, reach out to us in-game or join our public channel.

Public Channel: VOOC Recruitment

:envelope_with_arrow: Ready to Take the Leap?
Contact us by Discord join “[Seker Matar ]” or are in game chl at VOOC Recruitment to discuss your future with [Violator the Clown].

recruitment still open

Lil Roam we had last night

Looking for new member to join the ranks.