Nullsec Corp + Alliance Looking for members/corps

Nullsec Corp Looking for experienced PvP players!

  • Blops/Camps/Roams/Small gang + Big fight fleets available

  • Active US TZ

  • Home - Vale of the Silent/Geminate


  • Discord/Mumble comms

  • Omega



Sons of Bane
sov nullsec alliance

Looking for corps/members for corps

✪ Primary USTZ with a growing EU and AUTZ

✪ Sov space in the Vale Region, with our coalition staging system is only 11 jumps from Jita, 1 jump to lowsec then a jump over to High.

✪ Operational freedom to do what pleases you and your members

✪ Standing fleet in all TZs

✪ Access to Alliance structures and space for ratting.

✪ Access to Jump bridge networks

✪ Discord, Mumble, buyback programs.

✪ Roams, Blops fleets and other PVP fleets (small gang + big fights) both Alliance and Coalition

✪ Mining fleets

✪ Plenty to do to keep life fun


Check us out!

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