💥 Viper-Squad - 2024 Edition

Why [-VSQ-]?

We are a small tight knit group of eve online assorted players, across eu/uk and us timezones.With more than a decade of presence ingame, leadership wise, our goal is to create a core of active, self-sufficient and likeminded players.We value and embrace PVP in all forms ( well, not really all… except tidis -_- ). A PVP first corporation that offers many lucrative opportunities and support to achieve our goals.Veteran and experienced leadership, willing to help and guide, for the greater good of the group!

Not friendly about blue donuts and null sec blocks/coalitions.

We live in Detorid Region and part of Gentlemen’s Club Alliance.

We are looking for people who will fit into our corporation mindset.A group of relaxed players, coming online few hours each day for chats, killmails and good laughs with their space friends.

We offer a stable environment with a crazy bunch of dudes, engaged in improving their gameplay and enjoying every piece of it as much as they can.

:boom: PVP wise:

  • Limited blue standings list > plenty of targets.
  • Fleets warfare/strat ops.
  • Home defenses/small-medium gangs.
  • ESS raids with your corp mates.
  • Blackops.
  • SRP.

:boom: Plenty of isk makeing possibilies to fund our activities, PVE in all forms:

  • Multiple fully indexed military and industry systems.
  • Regular R64s/R32s moon mining ops.
  • Industrial park.
  • Jump Freight services.
  • Seeded headquarters market.

:boom: You:

  • English speaking / working mic.
  • Active and competent pilot with a decent combat background.
  • Willingness to participate in our weekly pvp/pve ops when real life permits.
  • Willingness to train into our doctrines.
  • Dreadnaught/Fax/Covert hunter ( preffered but not mandatory )

If you are looking for a group to get along with and all of the above might suit you, come have a chat with us:

If anything of the above might get your interest, reach me out ingame under this name or poke me on discord.

We are continously recruiting eutz players.

Still recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots!

Reach us if anything from the above can be something suitable for you.


Our corporation is looking for like minded players.

Preferably eutz, so you won’t have to sit alone in chats at times.

If you are looking to try a no blocks kind of group, come have a chat with us.


Among broken chats, broken killboard, broken eve and all that, we are still recruiting :v:

Have a Stain taste, it’s not that bad afterall!

Recruiting eutz pvp oriented pilots, with a previous 0.0 experience!


ocsta#5391 for discord - ocsta ingame character.

Recruiting for Stain region, Sansha space.

Recruiting eutz pilots !

We are looking for eu timezoned pvp/pve oriented pilots.

We are based in Stain region - npc null - sansha pirates space.

ocsta#5391 for discord or anything related.

Bumping this, great guys, fun content!


Still recruiting for the post above.

Recruitment open for eutz pilots alike.

Recruitment still open for eutz pvp oriented pilots.

Recruitment open.

Recruiting eu timezone pvp oriented players for npc null sec life!

Recruiting eu timezone pvp oriented players for npc null sec life!