Void Republic- An alliance in need of members

The Void Republic is Recruiting new and old players!

What are we?

  • Were an small empire with various stations and corps acting as individual states. We live in a Med-sec system and have spheres of influence between ourselves and our allies in the neighboring systems. Many of our corps range in all matter of business from Ratting and industry all the way to Pirating and Drug manufacturing.

We provide:

  • Engineering and Reprocessing stations
  • Experienced fleet commanders
  • Wide variety of Corps
  • Access to Asteroid and ice belts
  • Capable standing mulita to defend territory

We are looking for:

  • New and old players
  • Any specialized or all rounder playstyles
  • Flexible Corps willing to reorganize to cooperate with our other corps

Overall our main issue is active members, we have quite literally everything else from stations to doctrine ships. But until we gain a greater number of players we are stuck in our current state. We have the know how and the experience now we need people like you.

If you’re interested you can contact us in game at Mukonakka Panala or on our discord https://discord.gg/83g2F7vF9T

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