Vox Consortium! Your New Home in Null

Vox Consortium is is a new alliance, a part of the ADC Coalition, looking to make their mark on New Eden.

We are looking for:-

  • Players looking for a new start and to rise with VOX as we develop ourselves from the ground up.
  • Players who are interested in PvP, Black Ops.
  • Interests in PvE and Industry to support coalition infrastructure.

What we offer:

  • Rich Angels Ratting space
  • Large PvP fights (mainly USTZ)
  • Industrial Hubs and R64 Moon Pops
  • A friendly, welcoming atmosphere
  • Help for rookies or those new to Null Sec life
  • Discord and Teamspeak
  • Buyback scheme

If you like what you hear, or just want to ask more questions! Head over to the Vox Consortium Recruitment in game channel or EVE Mail Linwood Davion.

“Speak Softly, Fly Dangerously”

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