WaddSquad - Startup corp seeking casual players

WaddSquad is looking for more pilots. We’re a relaxed, casual, RL first community with no time for drama, Our current focus is PVE and Industry. We welcome all skill levels from Rookie to experienced veteran, and we believe EVE is better played with others.

If you are new and looking to learn eve let us show you the ropes.

What do we specialize in?

  • Mining: We provide our miners with the highest skilled boosting with Veteran Industry Members and look after our miners with an ore buy-back program.
  • Industry: We have experienced manufacturers who build a wide range of items. If becoming a builder interests you, our industry members will help train you.
  • Exploration: Our members can often be found scanning down combat sites or deep in wormhole space.
  • L4 Missions: We have access to level 4 missions in Caldari and Amarr space.

We are primarily EUTZ and english speaking but accept people from all over.

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