Want corp who missions_19.30 eve time

I am looking to either join a corp that have a good number of players doing missions.
I am Alpha so can’t get more than L3 missions.
I am doing this for company as opposed to ISK.

I play around 19.30 EVE time for an hour or 2.

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You may have more answer if you were to indicate the hour in UTC . It is the time that appears in the bottom left of your Eve screen

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done and thanks for the tip.

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Well if you can join the other person who would be omega, you could join in their L4 missions

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Join a corp - if you can find one that actually does what its advert says. You may even get access to other content that you mightn’t have considered.

In the meantime, good luck with your search!

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Would be helpful if you add the preferred language to your request. English is mostly spoken widespread for joint ops, but corporations often speak their native language when doing stuff “on their own”. Czech, Polish, German, French, Spanish…

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I think by default it means english.

I joined a corp which claimed that English was its language of general communication, only to be greeted, after excitedly setting up my mic, with an unmistakably American-English speaker who no doubt sought to befriend me with ‘Don’t worry if you suck at PvP’. I mean, ‘suck?’ Really?

It turned out alright in the end, tho. It seems that laughter and tolerance are better communication tools than grammar and spelling…

I play two characters and run L4 missions in Unpas, sometimes 7am till whenever CST USA. Ti Sun and Ti Sun2, message me to what you can bring to the table.

I generally don’t run missions myself but enjoy salvaging them so if you are only interested in company hit me up sometime. my schedule varies due to school and other commitments however.

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thanks for the offer

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Who knows, get flagged all the time myself. Probably upset them by saying something factual and uncontestable like usux.

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Would you be interested in joining a service that runs missions for others?