Want to become an Imperial Citizen?

MTC - an Amarr Imperial Mining Corporation - Where we do Mining - Salvaging - Exploration - Imperial Ship Manufacturing all done in Amarr State

What we offer:
-Corporation Projects
-Manufacturing of Imperial Capitals in Lowsec
-All Mining available, Ore, Ice, Gas & Moon in Highsec & Lowsec
-L4 Missions for Salvage & Minerals through Scrapmetal Reprocessing
-Small group PVE & PVP roaming for combat pilots
-Low Sec & Null Sec Exploration / Covert Ops Fleets
-Wormholes trips for all activities
-90% Ore, Ice, Gas, Mineral, Module, Salvage, Rig, Ship Buyback
-Amarr only Imperial Fleets

Are you already a CEO of an AMARR Corporation? Join our Alliance - IMPERIAL EMPIRE