Want to buy Nyx on test server!

someone help

How much do u offer?

ycan u help me?:sob:

30B or 10 Skills injector

Supers is worth arround 60-80 injectors, good luck, sorry

I only have a maximum of 25 skill injectors

please help

Build you’re own nyx
14 days easy

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I will contact you on sisi when I get home from work.

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This is what I get when I look you up on SiSi:

“No Character can be found with “Koko Hecmatia” in the beginning of its name.”

What do?

Character name is Gtalike Hecmedia .

Back at work.

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i will give you nyx for 25 injectors. its in maila keepstar. send me mail so know where to send nyx,delviery will be succefu right into your pod!

send mail to amak boma

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