Wanted a proven corp for high sec war dec and citadel kill

(Trit) #1

Looking for a pro high sec citadel killing corp.

Please PM me for convo re details and prices.


(Back For More) #2

Okay, so an ingame search for your name resulted in over 500 names…

We can do the work.

Please reply here and maybe contact me in game…there will only be 1 frickin result…

(Trit) #3

There is only 1 result for my name.

(Back For More) #4

(Cassie Helio) #5

Change “Search By” option to “Only Exact Phrase”. Then it will find him. I have to do that for an alt of mine else it just returns everyone. lol

(Trit) #6

Back For More, is a fraud. He reinforced the structure and then when Code showed up he bailed. The refused to contact or communicate with me in any way.

(system) #7

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