WANTED Corporations To Join Auric Transition [AURIC] Or Industry Pilots To Join Imperial Mcdonald Group [HMIMG]

Auric Transition[AURIC] Is Looking For Industrial Pilots To Join Imperial Mcdonald Group, Corporations Can Membership Attach To Auric Transition, IMG’s Alliance We Are Based In Tividu, High Sec Tash-Murkon, We Are A Small Outfit Wanting To Grow And Progress To Low & Null Sec Operational Status, We Strip Asteroid Belts In HighSec Everyday Or We Are Ice Grinding As For Gas Harvesting Or Moon Mining An Alliance Effort Is Needed The Same For Low & Null-Sec Operations.

Teamspeak Comms Are Available, Use The Alliance Auth For Corporation Applications Or To Apply For Alliance Authorisation Use The In-Game Option.

Any Unsatisfactory Enquiries Use Discord ( hmri-img-eve#3873 ) For Contact

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