WANTED: Industrialists, PvE-ers, PvP-ers, Wormholers!

Of Tears and Isk [OTAI] is a corporation made up of newer players and grizzled veterans alike. We participate in various projects across New Eden, with projects ranging from getting new and returning players back into the game, all the way through advanced industry, PvP and PvE.

We have no Skill Point minimum and encourage players, both new and old, to become an active part of our community!

What we offer:

For Industrialists:

-Reprocessing with Maxed Skills and implants
-Corporate buyback program for raw materials, as well as some more advanced items, such as planetary production
-Access to W-space ores and gas, with buyback therein
-High sec mining fleets with maxed boosts
-Advisorship for new and aspiring industrialists
-Access to 5 systems surrounding our High sec hub, containing 40+ belts

For PvE-ers:

-Access to Level 4 Missions in High Sec, as well as C1-C4 sites in W-space
-Corporate buyback for W-space BlueLoot. You kill it, we’ll haul it!
-Advisorship for new players in the various aspects of Eve PvE, including tactics and fittings

For PvP-ers:

-While PvP is not our main focus, we do have a group that operates out of C4 W-space and engage in PvP whenever we can
-Periodic raids through W-space and out into Low/Null sec
-Advisorship for new and aspiring PvP-ers

Additional Information:

-We have an active Discord community
-No Wardecs
-Active leadership and room for leadership development
-A fun and engaging environment for all

Hop in our Discord and see a recruiter for more details! https://discord.gg/hjEBeRm

Come make that WH moola :shufflepartyparrot:

What this guy is saying. ^

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