War Eagle Fleet - Recruiting Pilots for Nullsec!

Hello Capsuleers!

War Eagle Fleet is a proud member of the SLYCE Alliance, actively living and prospering in null sec alongside some fantastic allies. We are currently recruiting members who are eager to make lots of isk and get those dank frags. We are a group with some great PvP pilots, however we understand that this is not what EVE is all about, and we certainly are not elitists. It takes many hands to make a corporation tick, therefore we need builders, ratters, and everything in between. We will help anyone who wants to learn to PvP, but you need to enjoy the game and we give you the freedom to do that.

What we can offer you:

  • Corp/Alliance activity across the EUTZ and USTZ primarily
  • Discord and Teamspeak for communications and interaction
  • PvP fleets with some fantastic FC’s (large scale, medium scale, small gang, and solo opportunities)
  • Nullsec space with some of the most valuable ores, moon goo, PI, and ratting anomalies in EVE
  • Access to great local markets (with jump bridges for easy access)
  • The freedom to enjoy EVE as you see fit
  • Logistics network in place at great prices to move your things around
  • Low stress casual gameplay where EVE is seen as a game, not a job

We offer much more than that, but that gives you a rough idea of the sort of things you can expect in our space.

What we are looking for:

  • 5m SP minimum (though we can discuss if you have less)
  • Omega accounts
  • Pilots of all walks of life (pvp, pve, mining, exploration, and more!)
  • No drama, and a good level of maturity, we do not tolerate racism or discrimination
  • Be able to take a joke
  • Willing to train into alliance doctrines for home defense if you can’t already fly them

In WEF we treat EVE as a game, and thus we don’t expect you to be online at all hours of the day. Real life always comes first, we have many members of all ages, some with families and other commitments. We login, have some laughs, blow up some ships (or get blown up), make some isk, and log out.

If this sounds like a good situation for you, please feel free to contact us via the following methods:

All are welcome to apply, newbros and veterans alike. Come get rich with us in some of the best space in New Eden.

Fly Safe o7

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Still recruiting, some new pilots getting in on the pvp (and there’s lots coming down the line!)

Come have a chat with us :slight_smile:

Calling all ratters, miners, indies, haulers, pirates, PVPers, PVErs, noobs, vets, and returning players! WEF WANTS YOU!!! Be a part of a quickly growing null sec corp with the alliance that can bring you safety, content, and an opportunity to learn. US/EU APPLY TODAY!

Where all my PVPers at?

Lots of content to be had, whether you like pvp, pve, exploration, or anything else. Tons of ISK to be made and fun to be had. Come have a chat!

Still looking for more pilots wanting to give nullsec a try, or vets already entrenched but looking for a change possibly :slight_smile:

Some dank frags being had, come join in on the action, even some of our krabs are coming out of their soft shells :stuck_out_tongue:

We have it all here + Good people and drama free! New, returning, or veteran!

Contact a recruiter today and see what we are all about! Eve family!

Small gang action is dank out here!

Come laugh, kill, and be killed with us! EVE is a game, come have fun with it :slight_smile:

Growing fast! Be part of a great group and make some friends!

Check us out!

Time to FLEET UP!!!

More content being made, isk to be had!!! Come chat today if you want to try nullsec

Come to WEF and experience the game with friends. Make lasting connections right here in Eve!

Still looking for fun pilots! Come enjoy EVE with us!

Come make some friends!


The time is now!