War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - Fraternity EN - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

Join our public channels and say hey or swing by at WEF’PUB!

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Last start op saw WEF members get entered into a raffle for 150 PLEX randomly. You never know how the WEF leadership will thank our WEF family for hanging out with us.

Come join our discord! You’ll find a laid back, goal oriented corp who can top the kill boards, but still remembers REAL LIFE comes first.

Kill Board Losses mean only one thing, DRINK!

Let’s have some fun!

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Prospective bros, we are doing big things in Industry and getting set to really dig (derrr) into the mining game! PVP IS SOLID!!! JOIN US!!!

Recruiting now!

Drunk fleet flies tonight!

PVP Fleets are about to pop off with the Standing rest.

Regular PVE Fleets being run for some relaxed esprit de corps.

Join Discord or say hey in WEF’PUB channel!

Our indy program has a great point tally for jobs completed so builders can be scored and rewarded. At WEF, we recognize their are many faces to Eve and we endeavor to explore and develop each one!

Join today!

Ship of the Week making a return this week! ISK and PLEX Raffles funded by WEF Merch! If you’re looking for PVP or PVE come say hi. New Standing reset has given us content only a few jumps away!

Jump in our Discord and see what we’re all about. Enjoy the game with friends with a RL first approach. Get involved in the things YOU want to do. WEF strongly backs new programs that benefit the team, so JOIN TODAY!