War Eagle Fleet - Unlimited Null Life - GOONSWARM - Highly Active PvP-based Corp

Time to join a growing corp with a lot going on! PVP, Streaming, Hauling Company, Game-Leading Buyback, Strong Industry Organization, and Exclusive Systems for Your PVE Needs! Hit us on discord and inquire today.

We are the largest, most active EN corp in all of WinterCo! Our TZ coverage is across the board so YES we have people online when you’re online!

Apply Today! Http://eve-hr.com/auflt

Throw your app in today so you can join us for drunk fleet tomorrow!

Join a growing corp with TONS of great options for gameplay! We are a corp that works and flies together, and most of our members have developed great friendships with other members. At WEF we are FAM! Apply today and join us in our quest to lead Eve and MMO gameplay into the future!

Drunk Fleet APPROACHES!!!

Capital roam tonight for our 3rd bday and first anniversary in Frat!!

Recent bday/anniversary fleet flied and died in Horde space! MASSIVE fun had by all! Apply today and Join the Fray!

War Eagle Fleet is still recruiting!

Looking for more Pilots!

Is this a good time to mention WEF is still recruiting?

Still looking for new capsuleers!

What is a WEF? :stuck_out_tongue:

Come on in the waters fine!

Even more content in our space atm

Still having great fights like this!

Looking for all kinds of Pilots:

PvP players of all levels

Come play your way!

Come join content central, multiple fleets every single day!

Our EU TZ continues to grow, come fly with people you like!

We Fleet Forever - Join us!

Come, and chat with us today. Join for Unlimited Null Life stay for Unlimited Null Life and amazing People.

Now with even more Blops action, come on in for daily Blops fleets :slight_smile: