WarPartyNPSI is a Newbro focused NPSI group. Our aim is to provide (low skill, low cost) fleets and to take new players out into Null for some PvP fun. Don’t worry we have places for you vets as well. We are currently in need of experienced Logi, Ewar, and Scout pilots. Come help us get newbros into PvP and have fun doing it.

Right now we base out of Orvolle and fly into Syndicate 2 times a week but are looking to expand our operations as we grow. We need pilots any and all. If you are a new player looking to try PvP or if you are a vet just looking to change up the stale old cycle of daily life, come join WarPartyNPSI!

Ingame Channel: WarPartyNPSI


Date EVE Time Doctrine Staging
Friday 22:00 Alternating (Annie // Susie) Orvolle
Saturday 22:30 Talwars Orvolle

We are still looking for pilots of all skill levels

We are still looking to bring on new pilots

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