WDA - EVE Online Beginning Career Missions Ep1

o7, SPACE addVENTURE here, I started as I promised a new YouTube series on my channel called “WDA” shortcut for Warp Drive Active. In this show I usually do different types of missions, exporations, mining, wormholes, PvP, each episode with it’s own theme.
The first episode is uploaded and you can see it by clicking here:
WDA - EVE Online Beginning Career Missions Ep1
It’s my first episode, on Eve Online so I need some feedback and construuctive criticism, such as length of the video, should I talk more, less, not at all, stuff like that…related to the video content quality & quantity.
Also you can check my other content on the same YouTube channel: SPACEaddVENTURE.
Here you can find my other show, MMO Blueprint Weekly Gaming Recap, which is a weekly show with the main MMORPG and other game genres news. MMOBlueprint NEWS it’s on every Wednesday of every week.
Here’s the latest news for the week ended November 1st, 2017.
MMO Blueprint Weekly Gaming Recap #5 November 1, 2017
I also encourage people to give me some feedback on this show, if they would like to.
Thank you all and see you in SPACE.

p.s: This is not self-promoting, it’s just an introduction for my new Eve Online series, and YouTube channel, if the moderator considers otherwise please help me with a PM, on where’s the exact place to post topics such as this. Thank you.

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