Were looking for all players!

Come Join Enigmous Prime.

Hello and welcome back. If you are new to the game or old to the game and ready to get back to playing eve with friends or family, you came to the right place! We are looking for more players to join our ranks and have fun! We have plenty of space for you to make billions isk fast!

:star: - PVP Players
:star: - Indy Players
:star: - PVE Players
:star: - Hualers
:star: - Faction Players
:star: - Alpha and Omega Toons
:star: - Explorer’s
:star: - We provide access to R16, R32, and R64 Moons
:star: - Daily Blops Fleets, and Roaming Fleets.

Be respectful to others and be in coms. Show up for the fleets and get rich while having fun! Come Join Enigmous Prime Today!

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